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機械から 神

<Kikai-kara Kami>

The Colonel
I'm a theatre student, neither actor nor techie -- which leaves me in the awkward literary no-man's land of dramaturgy and playwriting. I *like* writing -- though school does it's damnedest to make me forget that, half the time, and I find myself needing to be reminded. I read constantly, for school and for fun. I study Japanese, too -- also for school and for fun. Whenever school's in session, the "for fun" takes a backseat, though. A very small, cramped, lonely little backseat.

I also love soundtracks and really good films (subjective, eh?). Also, sometimes, really not so good films (see: The Matrix trilogy). I'm constantly in search of a really good MMORPG where there's a great roleplaying community backed up by a decent game, and have yet to find one that suits me.

I'm keen to read, write, translate, work at a publishing house, clerk at a good bookstore, anything that gets me close to books and snazzy folks with good senses o' humor.